4 Signs You Shouldn’t Go Through With Your Wedding  

Many people find themselves engaged, and plan on staying together forever.  From the altar to living in an assisted living facility together, to spending their last moments on earth hand in hand, a lot of people go into marriage with all the best intentions of making it last forever. However, fairy tale endings don’t happen every time. Many people find themselves a few short years down the road realizing that they married the wrong person. 

In fact, the signs were likely there before the wedding, they just didn’t want to acknowledge them. If you’ve recently gotten engaged, or if you’re planning a wedding, here are some of the signs that you should definitely not get married. 

You’re Arguing About The Wedding 

If you can’t see eye to eye about the wedding, then that’s a pretty big indication about your marriage as a whole. Your wedding is supposed to be a joyful celebration of your union and not an occasion to fight. If you’re starting to notice that anytime you talk about the wedding things get heated, there may be underlying emotions between the two of you that you haven’t come to terms with. Ask yourself whether your wedding evokes feelings of joy or fear when you think about the big day. 

You Don’t Find Them Attractive 

Looks aren’t everything. However, you have to be attracted to someone at least a little bit to make it work forever. If the idea of being physical with your partner makes you feel a little repulsed, then it’s a pretty big indication that you should probably reconsider. If you’re struggling with intimacy before you even get married, then chances are it’s only going to get worse with time—therapy can’t fix everything, unfortunately. 

You Hate Their Family or Vice Versa  

Love them or hate them, your family is a big part of your life. If you or your partner have problems with your partner’s family members, then it could create big problems down the road. Think ahead to family gatherings like Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you can’t stand each other’s family now, then it’s not going to make for very happy holidays. 

You Don’t Have Common Interests 

It’s good for couples to have different interests! However, they should also have common interests. If you and your partner have absolutely no interest in common, then how do you plan on spending time together? At the very least, you should each be open to learning more about each other’s passions and interests. Separate interests can lead to two separate lives several years down the road. So, if you notice that you can’t connect with your interests now, you should definitely consider calling the wedding off. 

While these signs are not always an indication that your relationship won’t work out, they more than often are. Follow your instinct, and always listen to your heart. You’ll know whether your wedding is right for you or not if you ask yourself the right questions! 

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