Finding A Wedding Venue In Minneapolis: Guide For Every Couple

Weddings require insane amount of planning, and one of the foremost aspects is about selecting the venue. If you are in Minneapolis, you will find a wide range of options uptown, especially around Bryant Avenue South. Couples looking for help with wedding planning in Minneapolis will find some relevant tips listed below with regards to the venue.

Shortlist a few options

Minneapolis has many good venues, which are ideal for wedding receptions, but you need to consider a few things before taking the leap. Firstly, discuss and finalize your guest list. There is no point of looking at venues, unless you have a fair idea of how many people are going to attend. Secondly, determine if you need parking and would want to host guests in hotels nearby. The location of your wedding is one of the primary aspects to be considered, and you need to ensure that the venue is accessible for everyone invited.

Ask questions

Once you have figured out two to three venues for the big day, the next step is to ask questions. Call up the venue directly, and ask a whole lot of questions, but ensure that you are talking to the manager and not any random tele-caller.

Ask questions like –

  1. Where exactly are you located in Minneapolis?
  2. How many weddings have you managed so far?
  3. How many guests can you accommodate?
  4. How many parking spots do you have?
  5. How many restrooms do you have?
  6. How early do I need to book?
  7. How much do I need to pay as a part of the advance?
  8. Is the booking money refundable?
  9. Who will be my main contact for planning the event?
  10. Can I hire someone else for beverages?

If you are deciding on the venue, make sure to discuss the pointers mentioned above. Keep in mind that your wedding is the biggest event of your life, and you would want people to attend it. Find how many guests can be accommodated at the venue at the maximum, and you may want to reduce the count by 20 or 30. Ask for estimates in advance, and don’t shy away from negotiating. Venues in Bryant Avenue South can cost a tad more, but that extra is worth paying for.

Check online now to find the wedding venues and schedule an appointment to discuss things in person. Many venues only accept inspection on request, so enquire in advance.

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