Things To Know Before Organizing A Wedding Party

Organizing a wedding party can be intimidating. Several details go unnoticed among guests like hiring a tent from American tent, but they make all the difference and are thought of with care by the couple and their families. This, without counting the unforeseen events that appear along the way and can even fatten your budget.

1) Think About The Fun Of Guests When Selecting The Soundtrack

Band or DJ? This is a question for many people when planning a wedding. You might be a big rock fan and pick some rock-style songs to play at the party but remember that the club’s hectic vibe comes in when everyone’s having fun.

2) Remember That You Are Not Alone, And People Are Rooting For You

Anxiety is widespread among newlyweds. Will people show up? Will they like the party? These are questions that may seem silly but appear in periods of insecurity. Trust the people who volunteer to help you, and don’t let the unforeseen get you down.

3) You Don’t Have To Invite The Whole World

The guest list is a headache for many. Doubling the number of people can even be expected in some cases. But if you need to stick to a leaner budget, prioritize those that mean something to you. You can even do something just for the closest family and later celebrate with friends.

4) Don’t Be Afraid Of Having A Small Open Bar

You don’t have to offer every type of drink to your guests. A strategy that can help you save is to serve the drinks per table and leave a caipirinha bar open only when your guests are encouraged to hit the dance floor.

5) Do What You Want!

In your marriage – and throughout your life – you shouldn’t make pleasing others a priority. The party should look like the couple, and both should be comfortable with the choices made for the ceremony. It’s your day, enjoy!

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