Ask These Questions to Your Wedding Caterer before Hiring

If you are getting hooked up in Minneapolis then before you hire a service provider for wedding catering in Minneapolis, you need to ask the following questions.

What is your specific cuisine for which you are known for?

If any of your specific food that both you and your sweetheart love to eat and the caterer is also well known for preparing the same, then it can be a great choice for your wedding day celebration.

Do you also provide chairs/lines/silverware?

If your caterer is ready to provide all these items then you must check the photographs of those items to ensure that they are presentable enough for your wedding day.

Do you have any other catering order for the same day when we need your service?

By asking this question, you will know how much attention you may get for your celebration day. Prefer to hire a caterer, who has minimum order on that particular day.

Will there be someone from your company present there to supervise?

It is always preferable that someone is responsible for the catering service present in the venue, so that he can oversee all the arrangements and will be one man contact for all issues during the wedding day.

How many people will be available for serving?

Ideally speaking there must be at least 10 per cent of the number of guests attending must be present for serving during the wedding day. However, you must settle for as close to that figure.

Do you have your set menu or you can customize too?

If you want to add any particular item as a starter then you should be able to add and the caterer must be agreeable to that.

Do you provide special food for children too?

Children meals can usually be a little cheaper than the meal provided for the adult. So, you can save some amount if the caterer can provide the same.

Can you accommodate any last-minute request?

It is very important to ask this question.

Can you also make wedding cakes too?

You can avoid any surprises at the last-minute if the caterer can also supply cakes.

How much time do you need for set up and cleaning?

This is important for you to know so that you can deal with the venue provider accordingly.

Can you provide few references?

It will be good to get few references, so that you can get some information about their professionalism and service quality.

When should I tell you about number of guests?

Most caterers need to prepare themselves like buying raw materials etc. so this will be good to know in advance.

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