Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

2020 is the year of the wedding. Hang on, every year is the year of the wedding to us! Anyhow, as with every year, there are several trends when it comes to wedding dresses, and if you are in the process of booking an appointment with a bridal boutique in order to find your perfect wedding dress, this little guide could help you when it comes to filtering through the different choices of bridal gown. It is important that you have the perfect dress for you; a dress that fits your body perfectly, that matches the style and aesthetic of the wedding, and that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Everything else doesn’t matter but the love you feel on the day with your partner, but here we can see the popular wedding dress trends of this upcoming year.

Traditional Ball Gowns This is the dress style for those looking to make an imposing, grand entrance on the wedding day. It is a silhouette that instantly demands attention from everyone in the room, and it is a voluminous aesthetic that turns heads and shows everyone who is the star of the show.

Floral Prints There are some amazing floral print wedding dresses coming through in collections for 2020, and it seems that the bolder they are, the better it seems! Of course, there are some subtle ways to add a bit of colour to the traditional white wedding dress with some floral print, and it is a quirky way to add a bit of cool to your wedding dress.

One Shoulder This is an incredibly unique neckline that flatters the upper section of a bride’s body and is a form of wedding dress design that can be fitted within any type of overall design and style. Even if you are going for a traditional wedding dress, a one shoulder neckline can work perfectly.

Dresses with Ruffles The ruffle is a throwback to a bygone era where romance was everything in wedding day style. A skirt that has a little bit of a ruffle is mystical and ethereal, providing that level of detail that is feminine in detail and exquisite in terms of modern, and future fashion.

A Pants Alternative Instead of a dress, one of the surprising trends of weddings for 2020 is a comfortable and flattering pair of pants. These can include some fine detail in lace, little embellishments such as beading or floral notes, to ensure that a white suit or a jumpsuit looks the part and has that definite bridal feel.

Your bridal boutique will be happy to talk you through the many different styles of wedding dress that they have available, including the very latest in wedding dress trends for 2020 and beyond. This is where it is vital that you book a wedding dress appointment as early as possible, to make sure you have enough time to find the wedding dress of your dreams and time to make any necessary alterations to match your requirements.

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