Having A Barn Weeding? Don’t Forget to Add These to Your Check List!

A wedding is an occasion different from every other that occurs in our life. This new turn brings new responsibilities and is an auspicious occasion.

Everyone has some secret plans or ideas about their dream wedding. However, only a few achieve it due to circumstances. One such is a barn wedding. For some, it might be a cheap type of wedding or for some, it can be a homely feeling. Let’s talk about the historic barn wedding venues and the checklist. If you are going to marry or plan someone’s wedding and want to do something unique, then this can help you.

After high-class sophisticated wedding venues, barn venues provide with warmth as well as an elegant environment for a marriage. Hence, they are in demand today. Before you decide to go and marry in a barn, here are a few things that you need to ensure. So, get a notepad and a pen and start preparing your wedding checklist –

  • About the barn!

There’s a lot of things you need or should know about the barn like-

  1. a) Does the barn host such events?
  2. b) If yes, what is its capacity?
  3. c) What all are included in rental covers?

Know what things the barn is going to provide in the rent –

  1. Sitting
  2. Linen

iii. Glassware

  1. Lights
  2. Planners
  3. Vendors etc.,

Know about the extra charge they might ask for

  1. d) Are there restrooms at the venue
  2. e) Is there any noise restriction or wedding liability insurance?
  3. f) Do they have a liquor license?
  • Weather on the wedding day

A wedding revolves around the weather of the area, both directly as well as indirectly. Hence, know whether the barn can withstand rough weather or not and have plan A or B.

  • The locality of the wedding venue

Know about the nearby places, sites of the wedding (maybe you will get something more similar to your destination wedding) and also learn about the parking capacity, outdoor function arrangements, etc.

  • Do you need to hire agencies?

Ask the agency whether they are in coordination with any agencies. If yes, meet them before you hire your wedding planner.

  • How to make the historic-looking space romantic?

The historic-looking wedding barn just needs a touch of love and it can look splendid. Add things that both of you like and keep them common to create the most beautiful moment of your life.

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