Most wedding customs revolve around the idea of a bride and groom, with minimal possibility for gender diversity. Therefore, knowing how to handle many of the traditional elements of a significant day can be challenging when arranging a gay wedding. The good news is that you are free to entirely disregard the guidelines and carry out tasks in a way that suits you. Here are some tips for you:

Examine your location

Though gender stereotypes are no longer relevant, you may nevertheless encounter some individuals and situations that still practice discrimination. You don’t want that on your special day. Take the time to locate a same-sex wedding venue that is kind and accommodating, where the staff enjoys hosting these types of events rather than just putting up with them.

The same holds for vendors. You want to be completely content and at ease at all times. Talk to the personnel at your chosen location, tell them about your intentions, and find out if they have ever held a same-sex wedding.

Check out LGBTQ-specific wedding planning guides.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your wedding but feel uncomfortable with traditional wedding planning guidelines, check out LGBTQ wedding websites or pick up a planning book that speaks to you as a couple. This also applies to anybody you select to assist with your planning. When choosing a wedding planner, opt for one with expertise in organizing  gay weddings in Tuscany, Italy, Italy. They’ll likely have more ideas and be more sympathetic to your goals for the big day.

Who is who in your wedding ceremony?

How to divide the wedding party in the early stages of planning a same-sex wedding presents another difficulty. Will there be groomsmen or bridesmaids for each of you? Or will the main characters in your day be the same?

Each of you can have a maid of honor and best man. Alternatively, you might do away with gender roles entirely and designate specific individuals as “best people” or “honor attendants,” designating the people closest to you both for these responsibilities.

Walking down the aisle

Examine your alternatives and choose the course of action that best suits your needs as a couple. Go for it if you want to experience the moment when everyone stares at you as you walk down the aisle! Whether you walk down the aisle together or apart, have your significant other meet you at the bottom, just as in a traditional wedding. Don’t do it if the idea of having too many eyes on you makes you nervous!

Incorporate the rainbow

Play around with colors if white doesn’t suit you or feels too traditional. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, and go as colorful and bold as you like. This also applies to your wedding’s décor. It can be enjoyable to incorporate a rainbow motif into gay and lesbian weddings to show LGBTQ pride.


Gay weddings can be a bit out of the ordinary, so working with a wedding planner experienced in planning same-sex weddings can go a long way.

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