Weekday Weddings – Why They Make More Sense

When most of us think about booking a wedding venue and organising our ceremony, we generally opt for a weekend wedding for obvious reasons. These days, availability is at a premium and weekend weddings are hard to come by. When the weekend is not an option, you have to settle for a weekday. But do you know the enviable list of perks associated with hosting a ceremony on a weekday?

Special Date

There is much more a chance to choose a special day with meaning during the week than trying to find one on a weekend. Lots of special occasions like anniversaries take place during the week and when you book a wedding venue for the big day, you can make sure it falls on that anniversary.

Better Prices

Securing vendors is a lot easier during the week as most of them are not booked. Because they do not have many ceremonies to attend, you get to choose from a variety of vendors at a competitive price. When looking for wedding venues in Sydney, there is a good chance you will find places that offer discounts on weekday events. Everyone wants a Saturday or Sunday wedding, that is why the price goes up. If you are willing to do a weekday, you will avail of some great deals.

Less Stressful

People are often more relaxed and less stressed when they have to attend a weekday wedding. If you are travelling abroad or to a local ceremony you tend to have to rush to make the Saturday or Sunday ceremony. You are tired after a busy week at work or you have just got off the plane and are in no mood to go party. With weekday weddings, guests tend to show up early and are in better spirits on the day.

More Time with Family & Friends

Many people are now choosing to get married on Wednesday or Thursday as they have more time after to spend with their loved ones. Getting married on a Thursday gives you the entire weekend to spend with your guests as most will not be working on the Friday.

There are many advantages to booking your wedding on a weekday, this article has only highlighted a few of them. Planning your weddings and scheduling a weekday event offers the potential for upgrades, add-ons, and lots of savings. Venues may even be able to utilise empty rooms and turn them into kid’s rooms etc.

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