Why Should You Use Good Spray Tan?

Most of you love to get that amazing bronze look!! But staying in the sun for hours is not the perfect solution for all to get that sun-kissed look. And also when you are exposed to UV radiation for long, you can increase your chances of developing skin cancers, like melanoma, dark spots, pigmentation and pre-mature aging as well. Therefore, choose one of the best spray tans in Dallas for that sun-kissed glow. They are the safest, easiest, and fastest way to get that that tanned bronze look in just a few minutes at a reputed salon like The Styling Stewardess.

Their trained therapists are highly qualified as well as certified by Norvell, so that they can provide best quality tanning services as far as possible. They adept at choosing the perfect shade which suits you best, so that you get the results you always desired.

These are some amazing uses of a spray tan:

  • Covers up your blemishes

Besides providing that beautiful instant glow, best spray tans in Dallas camouflages unwanted marks on your skin from scars and pimples to eczema and blackheads.

  • Get healthy-looking skin or complexion

When the artist uses a caramel color spray tan on your skin, it brightens up your skin tone as well as balances out any uneven pigmentation on the body and face. It can even hide prominent blood vessels, conceals redness on cheeks and tones skin conditions such as rosacea. If used by men, regular usage of spray tanning can help cover up nicks and cuts too.

  • Look slimmer

The darker shades of tanning highlight all the natural contours of your body by pulling attention to present muscle tone, décolletage and cheek bones. Spray tanning is also useful for men folk, especially if they love to define their muscles of the abdomen. It creates an illusion of leaner and longer physique by creating contours all around the pectorals.

  • Less makeup usage

When your complexion is bright, your skin is overall gorgeous and skin tone looks even, there is no or little need to wear extra makeup. Best spray tans in Dallas will allow the skin to breathe and thus get freedom from foundation and drying feeling of rough or harsh concealers.

Precautions to take before Spray tanning

  • Do not wax or shave

If you need to get waxing or shaving done, get it done either before twenty four hours or after 3 to 4 days.

  • Avoid a facial

You must avoid facials before spray tan, as it could get inside your open pores and you might develop a bad blackhead spot on your skin.

  • No hot shower

You all might love to have a hot shower, as it relaxes you as well as opens pores and also enables your spray tan to merge well in skin but unevenly. It could give you ugly brown dots all over your body for a week.

The Styling Stewardess offers the best spray tans in Dallas, whether you are looking for a gorgeous glow in winters or want to get rid of those summer tan lines, they provide perfect spray tan services to all.

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